Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

May be moving!

Don't get scared, it's not us! lol! A good friend of mine called me yesterday to tell me that her husband's company may be relocating. They haven't made an official announcement yet, but the rumors are going around like crazy. She is scared to death. She does not want to move, but if they don't, then he'll have to find a new job. I feel so bad for them.

When Frank and I got married 21 years ago, I didn't have a problem at all with moving to Warren, and I lived very happily there for 8 years! But once the kids arrived, it was harder and harder finding the time to come home to Blairsville.... so when Frank had the chance to work in Greensburg, we jumped at the chance to move 'back home'.

If we were to ever have to move again, and if we had to move into an area that I was not familiar with, I think I would look into homes for rent, just like we did when we moved back to Blairsville. It's nice to rent for a little bit before you buy in an area you aren't familiar with, so that you don't find out later that you're in a not-so-good neighborhood!

Another thing I would definitely do is to get movers to help us move instead of doing it all ourselves! What a lot of work! We've moved three times in our marriage and always had family and friends to help us... but I have to admit, we're all getting older! lol! It wouldn't be as easy to find friends to help, so hiring movers would be a good idea ;)

Something else to think about would to possibly look into REO Foreclosures when looking to buy a new home. These are real estate owned listings of foreclosed homes. Big money can be saved when you're looking at a foreclosed home.

But, we don't plan on going anywhere. We plan to stay exactly where we are. I'll pass this information on to our friend, just in case they do decide to move...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nice weekend....

Boy, did I have a nice weekend! We didn't do much of anything, and that's what made it so good! Friday, Jilli went to a school dance, and Becca had some friends over to watch a movie in her, so hubby and I just watched tv. Saturday morning, Becca had to work, I had Angel Food sign ups at the church, but the afternoon was spent doing laundry and working on a quilt for Jilli. Hubby made spaghetti for dinner while I was busy sewing! Becca went out with her friends and Jilli's friend came over the spend the night.

Sunday after church, Becca begged me to finally make curtains for her bedroom, so I took a break from Jilli's quilt to work on that instead. Hubby made homemade pizza for lunch (yummm!), THEN, he also made dinner! Yes, that is 3 meals in a row!!! It is most definitely a record in our house!!! lol!

Kids have school Monday through Thursday, but they're off Friday and Monday... so is Frank... but I have to work :( Frank and Jilli are going to head up to my inlaws Friday morning and stay till Saturday afternoon just to visit for a while since we missed going last week because of the snow.

It's Holy week, so we'll be going to church Thursday night and Friday night. I think I might even get up for Sunrise Service on Easter morning! I haven't done that in years! We're playing the chimes in the choir on both Maundy Thursday and Easter morning.

Have a great week!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Saturday, March 8, 2008

More snow...

We were supposed to go to my inlaws this weekend for a visit. They live 3 hours north of us, almost to the New York border. I always enjoy my visits with them not only because we get to see my mother and father in law, but we always get to see hubby's brother's family and his sister and her kids.

But, once again, the weather would not cooperate with us!!! Monday it was in the mid 60's here, but by mid week, it was back down in the 30's. Friday, another front came through from the west which affected my inlaws first, and then us today. They were hit with quite a bit of snow and ice last night, and we got it this afternoon.

After being in Florida just a little over a month ago, I am so ready for warmer weather!!! It really makes you want to relocate to someplace warmer! During the drive down in the bus, we could watch the difference in the weather. We left in about 20 degree weather with lots of snow and ice in the evening. By morning, we were already in warmer weather! We stopped to eat breakfast and didn't even need coats!

I'll probably never leave good old PA, but it is fun to dream once in a while, especially when you're cold! lol!