Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My new Piggy Bank...

Here's a picture of my new Piggy Bank after buying gas last night:

Monday, April 21, 2008

The weekend...

Well, we all had a pretty good weekend for the most part.

Let's see, Friday night was relaxing. Didn't have a lot planned, so we ordered pizza and I picked it up on my way home from work. Unfortunately, I totally forgot that I had planned to take Jilli to a Pancake Dinner at our sister church that night! Becca had to work, so when she got home at 8:00, she asked me how the dinner went! Uh oh! lol! Oh well, I'll still give them a donation since I did order the tickets...

Saturday morning I was up at 5 a.m. to get showered and ready to be at the school at 6:00 to help make subs for the band. We sold 20, so that will give Jilli a nice little profit for her band account for next year. She wants to be a majorette next year instead of just the marching band, so she's going to need even more money than normal... I left there at 7:30 with my subs, dropped them off for Frank and Jillian to deliver, and headed to Penn Run for an all day quilt retreat! I had my sewing machine, material, and everything else I needed already packed in the van. I spent the day sewing and got Jillian's quilt about 3/4 of the way done... I have to take some pictures of it to post on my craft website. I also purchased a couple of pillowcase kits that were adorable! Becca's is black with white polka dots and some cartoon type students all over it... hard to explain, but really cute for her to take to college. Jillian's has penguins with turquoise, orange and black accents. Perfect match for the quilt I'm making her!!! I sewed those up so they'd have them when I got home... I'll post pictures of those later too.

Sunday, I preached at the UMC in town for both services. Their second service has a lot more attendance than our church, close to 100 people, but I knew quite a few of the people. It went well. I used the same sermon that I used last week for our three churches.

We went up to Goodwill in Indiana in the afternoon to try to find Becca a prom gown for the Grease musical. Jillian has hers, but Becca hasn't been able to find one yet... No luck. We went over to the mall and she found her shoes for the real Prom... no heels because her date is short! lol! We went to CiCi's for dinner. Yummm!

Unfortunately, the evening did not end well... we got a call that Frank's mom is in the hospital. She was having pain in her chest. They've admitted her and will run some tests this morning, but she is stable. After hearing from Beth this morning, it sounds like it actually may just be a strained muscle because she tried to overdo it on Friday. The doctor had encouraged her to get more exercise, so she walked to Beth's twice on Friday, AND cleaned out the van! So if she was stretching a lot to reach for things in the van, she could have pulled something. We are hoping and praying that is what it is.

So now it's Monday morning and I'm back to work. It will be a busy week with the kids having musical practice pretty much each night and I have some running around to do to get ready for a picnic I'm having on Saturday. Pray for nice weather!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is your life as you expected it to be?

Someone asked this question over at the wahm.com boards and it really got me to thinking about it...

Her question was, "Is there something that you always thought that you would've done at this stage in your life but never got a chance to? And how is your life now different than you expected?"

Here was my response:

Wow! Good question... I'm 45... if you had asked me this question just 5 years ago when I turned 40, I would have told you that I was not where I wanted to be and that financially, things sucked big time! I had just gone back to work after being home with my girls and that hurt a lot. I didn't want to go back to work outside the home, so I felt like a failure... We were in major debt, my health wasn't the best, and I wasn't very happy.

Fast forward to now.... it's amazing the difference 5 years makes LOL. I love my job. Yes, I'd still rather be home but having this job has made it possible for us to get out from under our debt. My boss is extremely flexible, so I'm still able to take time off as needed, so I'm still there for my girls. Health wise of course, it has sucked for my dd Becca, but we've made it through all of the cancer and migraines and she's now on track to graduate in June with Honors and will be going to college in the fall.

We've done a lot of traveling in the last three years, more than we have ever done before, and we have plans for even more!

Is there something I want to do yet? Hmmm, nothing major comes to mind. If we decide we want to do something, we figure out a way to do it!

Is my life different than I expected? Another hmmmm, I'd have to say it's pretty much the way I had hoped it would be. Five years ago, I would have said NO! It was not what I expected or wanted! But now, it's going pretty darn good.